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2 Houston Churches File Lawsuit against Housing Authority for Forced Takeover

2 Houston Churches File Lawsuit against Housing Authority for Forced Takeover

The city of Houston, Texas has fallen under fire for taking over the property of two churches.

Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and the Latter Day Deliverance Revival Center are both located in the Fifth Ward which is known for having a history of violence and crime. 

According to Christian Today, the city wants to build a public library and affordable housing where the churches now stand. In response to the imminent takeover of their property, the churches have filed a lawsuit against the Houston Housing Authority, requesting a restraining order to prevent the city from annexing their property.

Christian Fellowship Church Pastor Quinton Smith believes the churches are an important asset to the community.

"We've been here for years,” Smith said. “We've watched the children grow up. We've been a safe place for them when things are bad at home. If the city makes us leave the Fifth Ward, what will happen to the children? We just want the City to leave us alone so we can keep helping these kids.”

Bishop Roy Lee Kossie of Latter Day Deliverance Revival Center echoed Pastor Smith. "This is our home,” Kossie stated. “This is where the Lord called us to serve and this is where we want to stay. We aren't giving up without a fight."

Both churches have been present in the community of the Fifth Ward for a long time, with the Christian Fellowship Church boasting 39 years and the Latter Day Center boasting 60.

Publication date: August 5, 2015