2-Year-Old Dies from Being Left in Hot Car While Parents Attend Bible Study

2-Year-Old Dies from Being Left in Hot Car While Parents Attend Bible Study

A two-year-old child has died after being left in a car on a hot day while his parents and siblings attended a Bible study at their church in Dallas, Texas.

The Christian Post reports that Boi Lei Sang was left in his family’s vehicle for about 45 minutes on a day when temperatures reached 100 degrees in the Dallas area.

The mother and father attended a separate Bible study than their four children at Rehoboth Praise Assembly. When the parents reunited with their children after the Bible study ended, they realized that one of their children was missing. The father reportedly rushed out to the family’s vehicle and brought his son, who was unresponsive, into the church.

The family is Burmese and does not speak English fluently, but were able to tell church members to call 911. 

"We didn't know. We didn't see. He just bring into the building inside, and we saw it and get the people, we need to help and call 911," said church member Reng Om.

Police are currently investigating the case to make sure that the family’s four other children are safe in their custody. Many church members have reached out to the family in their time of grief. 

Pantego Public Safety Chief Thomas Griffith has put up signs at local businesses asking parents to make sure their child(ren) are not left in their vehicle in an effort to prevent more deaths.

Boi Lei Sang was the twenty-first child to die from being left in a hot vehicle this year.

Photo courtesy: Thinkstockphotos.com

Publication date: July 27, 2016