20 Percent of Born Again Christians Will Not Vote in November Election, Poll Finds

20 Percent of Born Again Christians Will Not Vote in November Election, Poll Finds

A Battleground Poll found that those who say they go to church at least once a week prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton by nine points.

The poll comes after candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the presidential race. Cruz was a favorite among churchgoing Christians, and his departure has left the evangelical vote unclear.

The Battleground poll also found that those who attend church less frequently prefer Clinton to Trump by six points.

A Reuters poll found that 20 percent of “born again Christians” said they wouldn’t vote now that the election looks to be between Clinton and Trump. 

More than half of voters said they would cast their vote not to support their candidate but instead to oppose the other, according to a CNN poll.

Trump’s net favorability rating among evangelicals is at -38 percent. Clinton’s is at -61 percent.

Trump, however, has earned endorsements from Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. and First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

“I believe any Christian who would sit at home and not vote for the Republican nominee … that person is being motivated by pride rather than principle,” Jeffress said.

Other interesting takeaways from the recent poll include:

- Half of 81 “evangelical insiders” said that if faced with a Clinton/Trump choice, they would vote for a third-party candidate.

- Both Trump and Clinton have unfavorable ratings over 50 percent.

- Trump is the most unpopular candidate is the history of the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Publication date: May 9, 2016