26 World Leaders Unite Against ISIS as US Launches New Airstrikes

26 World Leaders Unite Against ISIS as US Launches New Airstrikes

Twenty-six leaders from around the world have committed to doing everything in their power to stop the Islamic State’s acts of terrorism. The world leaders met in Paris on Monday (Sept. 15) to formulate a plan to end ISIS. 

The leaders currently disagree if troops will be necessary on the ground to fight ISIS. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and others believe that an airstrike campaign, in combination with increased intel will stop the terrorists. But Col. Richard Kemp, former commander of U.K. forces in Afghanistan has said that ground troops may be necessary if the airstrikes are not enough. 

While the leaders met, the U.S. continued its airstrike campaign in Iraq. The airstrikes were the first that launches since Obama addressed the nation last Wednesday (Sept. 10). According to The Christian Post, the U.S. has carried out 160 airstrikes in Iraq since August. 

French leaders President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that the leaders must act quickly with their plans. 

"The cost of inaction would be to say to these butchers 'go ahead, you have a free pass.' We won't accept that," Fabius said. 

Publication date: September 16, 2014