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3 American Doctors Shot and Killed at Kabul Hospital

3 American Doctors Shot and Killed at Kabul Hospital

Three American doctors were shot and killed at a Kabul, Afghanistan hospital on Thursday ABC News reported. An Afghan security guard attacked the men, opening fire in the CURE International Hospital.

Two other people were injured in the shooting, including a female American nurse.

Kanishka Bektash Torkystani, spokesman for the Ministry of Health said, “Five doctors had entered the compound of the hospital and were walking toward the building when the guard opened fire on them. Three foreign doctors were killed and two other doctors were wounded.”

The security guard was also wounded in the attack, and went into surgery at the hospital. The procedure was heavily supervised by police.

Identities of the dead have not yet been released, but authorities said two victims are a father and son.

CURE International Hospital is headquartered in Pennsylvania. It highly regarded in the area for its specialities in women and children’s medical care.

The shooting marked the second time this month that foreign civilians were targeted by a member of Afghan security forces.


Publication date: April 24, 2014