3 Christian Missionaries Go Missing in Middle East

3 Christian Missionaries Go Missing in Middle East

Three missionaries who were working to distribute Bibles in the Middle East were attacked by Muslim extremists and have now gone missing.

According to ChristianToday.com, the three missionaries were working with Bibles for Mideast, a ministry that distributes Bibles to underground churches in 17 Middle Eastern countries. 

Pastor Paul Ciniraj of the ministry identified the missionaries as “pastor Stephan, pastor Samuel and evangelist James.”

The three men suffered “a brutal attack by Islamic extremists” on Sunday night near a bus stop, according to Ciniraj. They were saved by some people who took them to the hospital.

The men asked to be discharged early from the hospital, however, because they believed they were still in danger from their attackers. 

They left the hospital inside a “fake taxi” with two other passengers and have not been seen since.

“We tried to get them by mobiles several times, but [there was no response]," Ciniraj said,” adding that all the places where the missionaries could have gone have been checked to no avail.

Ciniraj speculates that the men must have been kidnapped by the taxi driver and their fellow passengers.

“We suspect they are terrorists,” he said.

Photo courtesy: World Watch Monitor

Publication date: June 16, 2016