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3 Myths the Media Teaches about Gender

  • Carmen LaBerge The Reconnect Radio Show
  • Updated Oct 04, 2017
3 Myths the Media Teaches about Gender

What’s wrong with us? The reality is that today’s postmodern ethics simultaneously espouse one thing and do another. This type of irrational thinking combines concepts like “gay Christian” or “transgender male mother.” I encourage you to share this article on social media, with friends and especially with the young Millennials in your circle who are often surrounded by the fallacies of this world. The postmodern world has taught three major myths that many have accepted as truth.

1. Gender Identity is Chosen by the Individual.

The Bible discusses God’s creation of genders multiple times, including in the beginning in Genesis 5:2. In Matthew 19:4 Jesus reinforces that in the beginning God created male and female. The Bible is clear that God created two distinct genders, and other pronouns are simply unnecessary. Gender identity is assigned not at birth, but at conception.

2. There is No Difference between Male and Female.

Just as God gave each person a gender, so He has also created differences between the sexes. Scientific research on the biological differences between male and female are not only the chromosome, but also with the way that the brain is wired. The differences are many, yet we are all made in God’s image and likeness for His glory.

3. Reinforcing the Biblical View of Gender is Sexist and Seeks to Control People.

Many feminists have sought to cast off traditional views of men and women in order to gain power. People who subscribe to that view believe that the straight line thinking of typical gender binary is a sexist and sexually repressed system designed to control people and put them in boxes. However, as Christians we know that God made genders for a reason, and that the strengths and weaknesses of each gender are what make us stronger, not picking whatever gender we choose.

Carmen LaBerge is author of Speak the Truth: Bring God back into the Conversationpublished in September 2017 by Regnery Faith. Carmen is a writer, speaker and host of the daily Christian talk radio show The Reconnect. She is also in her ninth year serving as the President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, a ministry that’s been working to equip Christians for faithful witness for more than 50 years.

Publication date: October 2, 2017

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