30,000 Russian Troops Swarm Ukraine Border

30,000 Russian Troops Swarm Ukraine Border

More than 30,000 troops have mobilized along the Ukraine/Russia border, according to some reports.

“The last few days, actually, the situation has been intensifying in terms of the immediate danger of further Russian invasion,” said Andre Murzin, assistant director of the Masters in Biblical Counseling program at Kiev Theological Seminary. “We have Russian troops heavily concentrated not only on the eastern border, but all along the Russian/Ukrainian border.

“God uses turmoil, crisis and sometimes war to draw people to Him,” Murzin said.

Russian troops outnumber the Ukrainian army, but Murzin said it is like the army of Israel being outnumbered.

“We can see that people are becoming more open and are turning to God because God has been putting in this narrow path where we can increasingly feel helpless, realizing that he is the only hope,” he said.

Also Friday, Russia officials said that Western states were using blackmail and threats to garner votes against Russia.

Earlier in the week, the U.N. voted for a resolution that condemned the annexation of Crimea.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: ““This counterproductive initiative only complicates efforts to resolve the domestic political crisis in Ukraine.

“It is well-known what kind of shameless pressure, up to the point of political blackmail and economic threats, was brought to bear on a number of (U.N.) member states so they would vote ‘yes’,” the ministry said.