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30 Dead in Central African Republic

30 Dead in Central African Republic

Violence between Christians and Muslims has claimed the lives of at least 30 people in the Central African Republic, CBN News Reports.

Allegedly, the conflict began on April 8th when a group of Christian militants attacked a group of Muslims fighters who reciprocated hostilities. The source of the chaos lies in a political coup that took place last March, when a majority of Muslim rebels seized political power within the country. As of this moment, several foreign nations are attempting to step in and diffuse the situation. France and the African Union have deployed a peacekeeping force to secure the region.

The United Nations Security Council hopes to supplement these troops with an extra 12,000 soldiers, a measure that was approved this Thursday. Still, they are not scheduled to arrive until September. Fighting in the Central African Republic is still ongoing.

*Published 4/11/2014