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35 Unborn Lives Saved in 40 Days for Life Campaign

35 Unborn Lives Saved in 40 Days for Life Campaign

The 40 Days for Life campaign recently reported that 35 unborn babies have been saved through the efforts of pro-life volunteers.

The volunteers go to local abortion clinics and offer information and prayer for the women going into the clinic, intending to get abortions. reports that, through the campaign, 35 mothers decided at the last moment to save their child’s life.

One story comes from Michelle in Montgomery, Alabama. Michelle reports that a volunteer spoke to a woman as she walked into the abortion clinic, giving the woman information about her child and a pregnancy help center. The woman still went into the clinic, but came back out moments later, explaining to the volunteer that she wanted to go to the pregnancy resource center, but needed a ride since her husband would not approve of her decision.

The volunteer gave the woman a ride to the pregnancy resource center where she was given an ultrasound to determine that her baby was about eight weeks old. 

“My baby has arms and legs!” she exclaimed.

Another volunteer in Naples, Florida encouraged a young woman to take advantage of the free pregnancy test and ultrasound offered in the mobile medical unit.

After receiving the test and ultrasound, the young woman decided against getting an abortion.

Many other similar stories of unborn lives that were saved surfaced in the campaign. To find out more about the 40 Days for Life campaign, click here

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: February 16, 2016