50 New Scripture Translations Completed Last Year

50 New Scripture Translations Completed Last Year

Last year, the Bible Societies translated the Bible into 50 different languages.

According to BreakingChristianNews.com, those languages account for nearly 160 million people. Along with the translations, 11 communities received their very first full Bible and six received the New Testament.

United Bible Societies officials say that languages are constantly developing.

At the end of 2015, in total, the full Bible was available in 563 languages spoken by nearly 5.1 billion people.

It is estimated that there are 281 million people with only some parts of the Bible and another nearly 500 million with no Bible translation whatsoever. 

For example, there are more than 400 unique sign languages in the world, but only the New Testament is available in American Sign Language. Some other Bible society teams have worked on translating parts of the Bible in other sign languages.

There has also been work done on providing the Bible in Braille. In Mexico, work has been done on parts of the Bible. There is also a new Dutch Braille Bible.

In the digital age, the United Bible Societies has also worked to make the Bible available digitally. At the end of 2015, the Digital Bible Library contained about 1,200 Bibles, testaments and portions in about 950 languages. 

Publication date: April 13, 2016