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A Baby to Be Born Every Eight Seconds in Jan. 2012

  • Religion Today
  • Published Dec 31, 2011
A Baby to Be Born Every Eight Seconds in Jan. 2012

January 3, 2012

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population hit 312.8 million on New Year's Day, and one person is expected to be born every eight seconds in the United States in Jan. 2012, the Christian Post reports. As immigration is additionally expected to add one person every 46 seconds, is the U.S. headed for overpopulation? When the world's population reached 7 billion on Oct. 31, many expressed concern about poverty and hunger in third-world countries and spoke of the need for family planning and contraception. However, many Christians believe talk of the world becoming overpopulated is overblown. S. Michael Craven of the Center for Christ & Culture said: "The myth of overpopulation ... has been instrumental in legitimizing abortion, forced sterilization, government-subsidized contraception, and, in the most extreme cases, eugenics. In every case these false notions undermine God's commandment to 'multiply' and further serve to undermine the intrinsic value of every human as being made in the image of God."