Afghanistan: Taliban Kills 9, Abducts 35 in Bus Attack

Afghanistan: Taliban Kills 9, Abducts 35 in Bus Attack

The Taliban has reportedly attacked several buses traveling in Afghanistan. Nine people were killed, and 35 abducted.

The Associated Press reports that the attack took place in Afghanistan’s unstable northern province of Kunduz. The buses were reportedly traveling from the Kabul, the capital.

The governor’s spokesman, Mahmood Danish, stated, "There is still no report on the fate of the remaining hostages with the Taliban.”

Although the Taliban did not immediately take responsibility for the attack, authorities attribute the violence to them. The Taliban is becoming increasingly active in northern Afghanistan.

In addition to attacking the buses in the northern part of the country, the Taliban reportedly attacked the eastern province of Ghazni, where a bomb blast killed one and wounded 12. They also carried out attacks in the southern province of Helmand where the number of casualties is not yet known.

Karim Atal, head of the provincial council in Lashkar Gah, stated, "If the central government doesn't come up with a strong security plan, we will witness of the city's fall to Taliban.” 

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Publication date: May 31, 2016