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Pakistan: Muslims Demand Christian Boy be Hanged for Insulting Islam

Pakistan: Muslims Demand Christian Boy be Hanged for Insulting Islam

A 16-year-old Christian Pakistani boy is in danger for his life after he was accused by Muslims of insulting Islam. reports that Nabeel Masih, from Punjab province, may face the death penalty for posting a picture of the Kaaba religious prilgrimage site in Mecca. The image was called “insulting and sacrilegious” and allegedly has a pig’s head.

The angry group of 80 Muslims accusing Masih wants him to be hanged and has even threatened his defence team.

"You people come from Lahore to pursue this case here we have unlimited people whom you cannot face, so you better watch yourself and stay away,” Masih’s lawyer, Aneeqa Maria, was told by the prosecution’s lawyer.

Local government forces are also reportedly trying to dig up other accusations against Masih, so that even if he is acquitted of blasphemy charges, they will be able to indict him for another crime.

"Apparently to rub salt in the wounds of the poor victim Nabeel Masih, the local constabulary have been hard at work concocting a series of other cyber-crimes that they believe Nabeel has committed,” stated the British Pakistani Christian Association.

"The investigation is taking longer then [sic] expected so they have asked for more time to complete their supplementary report. In other words just in case Nabeel escapes a blasphemy charge due to international outrage, the police will find another way to detain Nabeel against his liberty."


Publication date: October 17, 2016