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'American Ninja Warrior' Contestant Inspired by Bible Verse to Save Stranger’s Life

'American Ninja Warrior' Contestant Inspired by Bible Verse to Save Stranger’s Life

A former contestant on the TV show “American Ninja Warrior” who works as a pest exterminator, saved a stranger’s life by stopping to help him on the road. reports that Pavel Fesyuk, who had formerly competed on “American Ninja Warrior,” was on his way to work in Rochester, New York when he saw a man outside his car on the road, apparently struggling to breathe.

Without hesitating, Fesyuk got out of his car and hurried to help the man. Even though he did not have specific training for such emergency situations, he was able to successfully perform the Heimlich. The man thanked him and then drove off, apparently with a crisis averted.

The whole scene was captured on the dashboard camera in Fesyuk’s vehicle which was parked behind the man who needed help.

Now hailed as a local hero, when asked why he stopped to help, Fesyuk refers to Luke 6:31 which says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” otherwise known as the Golden Rule.

Fesyuk says he teaches his children to show the same sort of kindness, even to strangers.

"I like to teach them to help others, put their needs before their own and kind of be selfless. The old cliché... do unto others," he said.

"Take the extra second. What is two seconds out of my day to help somebody and in that case it really helped him," he added.


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Publication date: January 16, 2017