America's Complicated Support for Israel

America's Complicated Support for Israel

A recent interview with a former high-ranking official in the Obama administration has many college students concerned. According to Charisma News, a retired general in the Obama administration was asked to speak at a prominent university. When questioned by a student as to why 25 percent of U.S. foreign aid goes to Israel, the general paused and simply muttered, “It’s complicated.” The lack of explanation left the audience deeply troubled and unsatisfied. Christian outlasts were quick to react, with Charisma News Susan Michael offering her own response.         

She writes,

“The fact is that only 6 percent of U.S. foreign aid goes to Israel. By law, 75 percent of that money is spent in the United States, thus creating jobs and boosting America’s defense industry. In return for the remaining foreign aid that is not spent in the U.S., one could argue that the United States’ military, intelligence and homeland defense benefit in substantial ways. Israeli battlefield innovations have helped the United States dramatically improve both its equipment and tactics. Increasingly, U.S. homeland security and military agencies are turning to Israeli technology to solve some of their most vexing technical problems. Israel has also provided invaluable intelligence and training to U.S. forces in the region.”

Michael continued to expand on the importance of American support for Israel, moving slowly from political to spiritual reasons. However, some young Christians have yet to be convinced.

*Published 1/21/2014