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Americans Observe Earth Day with Lifestyle Changes that Cut Waste and Save Money

Americans Observe Earth Day with Lifestyle Changes that Cut Waste and Save Money

Millions of people around the world are observing Earth Day today (April 22), an official holiday that focuses on preserving the environment. A student at the Harvard Kennedy School of government says that Christians and churches should celebrate the day to practice good stewardship. 

The student, Joel Smoot wrote, "The environment is a gift that demands responsibility and care. Our daily actions threaten the God-given natural resources of the earth, hurt the poor disproportionately, and endanger tomorrow's generations.” 

He continued, "Good stewardship includes communicating with your friends and neighbors about the opportunities we each have to protect the earth and preserve its resources for future generations. Sharing your experiences can help others identify ways to participate in the collective action needed to address climate change.”

The Christian Post reports that 190 countries participate in Earth Day. This year’s theme for the holiday is “It’s our turn to lead.” 

Christians can get involved with preserving the planet in a variety of ways. For example, turning down the heating or cooling while not at home saves energy and money. Eating less meat conserves energy because vegetables take less energy to produce. And switching incandescent light bulbs for LEDs and compact flourescents saves money and energy over time. 

A full list of ideas to conserve energy can be found here

Publication date: April 22, 2015