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Another Charlie Gard Case? UK Baby with Undiagnosed Condition Fights for Life

Another Charlie Gard Case? UK Baby with Undiagnosed Condition Fights for Life

The case of baby Charlie Gard, who has now gone home to be with the Lord, sparked a global debate on the right to life and parental rights. Although Charlie was ultimately taken off of life support, another similar case to Charlie’s is already drawing attention.

According to the National Review, baby Alfie Evans has a medical condition which doctors have not yet been able to diagnose.

Like Charlie, 14-month-old Alfie is on life support and his family is hoping to find new treatment options which may be able to help him.

But also like the Great Ormond Street Hospital where Charlie was kept alive, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool which is taking care of Alfie has posed opposition to further treatment.

Alfie has been in a coma since December and suffers from frequent seizures.

Again, U.S. hospitals have offered to care for Alfie, but Alder Hey Children’s Hospital may take legal action to withdraw Alfie’s life support as in Charlie’s case.

Alfie’s father, Tom, is hopeful that his son can receive medical treatment that will improve his condition: “I’m pleading for help from anywhere now. I’ve been getting in touch with lots of hospitals, and I’ve had a particularly positive response from one in Miami, which has received Alfie’s details.”

Wesley J. Smith at the National Review writes that hopefully the public outcry over Charlie Gard’s fight for life will serve to help Alfie and his family.


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Publication date: August 1, 2017