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Anti-Trump Movement Not Giving up Hope

Anti-Trump Movement Not Giving up Hope

Anti-trump supporters need 28 rules panel members to force a vote on unbinding delegates to change the rules and possibly keep Donald Trump from clinching the GOP nomination.

According to ABC news, Trump already has the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination, but if 28 people back an amendment during the convention to change the temporary rules, “all bets are off and anything can be changed including essentially sidestepping the results of dozens of primaries and caucuses across the country.”

It’s unlikely the rule change would discredit the results of primaries and caucuses, but if a forced vote is passed, a vote would then go to the full convention. The delegates would then be “free to vote their conscience,” rather than bound by what the primaries voted. 

“It is continuing to be the uphill battle I knew it would be,” Kendal Unruh, leader of the “Free the Delegates” movement said.

According to, an internal survey from RNC member Randy Evans found that 890 delegates support Trump. Another 680 do not. About 900 are “in play,” he said.

The 890 delegates are well short of the 1,237 he needs to clinch the nomination.

“None of that matters if the rules about pledged delegates remain in effect, as more than 1,500 are bound to him due to the results of the primaries. But if the “Dump Trump” contingent on the Rules Committee can muster the votes needed to issue a “minority report” on a rule to unbind the delegates, then the full contingent of 2,400+ delegates would vote on that rule,” said AllahPundit in a column for

“If there are 1,237 willing to replace Trump, then that rule will pass. And suddenly all hell will break loose.”

Publication date: July 7, 2016