Are More Evangelicals Accepting Gay Marriage? Yes and No

Are More Evangelicals Accepting Gay Marriage? Yes and No

Are evangelicals becoming more accepting of gay marriage. The answer to that question is somewhat nuanced.

Christian blogger Denny Burk observes the trends in evangelicals’ views regarding same-sex marriage.

Burk cites Brian McLaren as an example of an evangelical who departed from traditional, biblical views on homosexuality. Although McLaren and his supporters seemed to be influential for a time, according to Burk, “They pushed the very edges of the leftwing of the evangelical movement until they pushed themselves right out of the movement.”

Such has been the case with others who have adopted unorthodox views regarding gay marriage.

Even if some depart from biblical views, God will preserve His truth, argues Burk.

Today, millennials are perhaps the demographic among which gay marriage is most accepted.

“But what does that mean?” asks Burk. “It doesn’t mean that the Christian faith is changing its posture on marriage. It means that some people currently associated with evangelical Christianity will be leaving us.”

Although some may be abandoning traditional views on homosexuality, others, such as Ed Stetzer, are helping to solidify biblical views on sexuality and marriage as core Christian beliefs.

There will always be disagreement on this issue, often even within the church (as the recent case of Jen Hatmaker attests), but God will continue to preserve His Word and those who are truly His. 


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Publication date: November 3, 2016