Are Nigeria's Christians Being Eliminated?

  • Ryan Duncan Contributing Editor
  • Updated Mar 28, 2017
Are Nigeria's Christians Being Eliminated?

According to one Catholic Bishop, Christians in Nigeria are facing rising levels of persecution which threaten to undermine their place in both society and government.

A recent report from Vatican Radio has outlined harsh atrocities committed against Christians in rural Nigeria, which allegedly led to numerous deaths and widespread property destruction. Hoping to counter this violence, Bishop Joseph Bagobiri has called for greater cooperation among all Christian denominations within Nigeria. After receiving an official delegation of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, Bagobiri affirmed his people’s faith in God and their determination to endure despite government apathy,

“‘Since we have no government that would listen to our plight, we have carried our case directly to God. It is only God that can save us from our present situation. Our hope in Him is never in vain since he knows our problem and He will deliver us one day just as he delivered the people of Israel from the hands of the Egyptians,’ Bishop Bagobiri said.”

Aside from institutionalized violence, an itemized list of the current injustices include inequitable distribution of amenities, infrastructure, and discrimination within political offices. Nonetheless, Bishop Bagobiri is confident God will provide as Nigerian Christians continue to strive for greater public equality.

*Article Published 3/28/2017