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Asia Bibi Forgives Captors, Has Not Lost Hope

  • Religion Today
  • Updated Dec 07, 2012
Asia Bibi Forgives Captors, Has Not Lost Hope

December 21, 2011

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian mother of five imprisoned and facing a death sentence for false charges of blasphemy, says she has forgiven her captors and has not lost hope nor her desire to continue fighting for her freedom, Asia News reports. "I wish with all my being to be with my family," she said. "I still cherish the hope that one day I will be freed. ... Although illiterate, I remain deeply Christian, and my religion has taught me the value of forgiveness. At first, when I was thrown in prison, I was angry and meditated revenge, because I had been ripped from my family. Then I started to pray and fast, and it may seem strange, I have noticed that I have forgiven those people who charged me with blasphemy." Bibi also said she was grateful for the prayers of Christians around the world, and added: "How many more brothers and sisters are still unjustly accused ... will be mistreated, abused, defendants in mock trials as happened to me?"