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Assyrian Christian Church Attacked and Burned by Gunmen

Assyrian Christian Church Attacked and Burned by Gunmen

An ancient Assyrian Orthodox church has been targeted by gunmen who detonated explosives inside of it on Monday (July 18).

According to, the church is located northeast of the city of Qamishli in Syria. Gunmen reportedly stole donation boxes from the church before detonating explosions which set the church on fire, destroying many of the ancient artifacts inside.

“Anonymous gunmen stormed the St. Charnel Church for Assyrian Orthodoxes in the Watwatiyah district of Qamishli in the midnight on Monday, and destroyed its contents,” said a spokesman for the Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights.

Eyewitness of the attack Gabi Gawriya added, "We saw a huge fire and security forces arrived and extinguished the fire. But the church was completely destroyed, you can see only ashes here.”

Qamishli has been targeted for attacks in the past. ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks in the city last December, and last month, as previously reported, a suicide bomber tried to kill the head of the Syriac Orthodox Church. He killed three people in the process, although the Syriac leader was unharmed. 

Publication date: July 20, 2016