At Sundance, Seminary Students Explore Meaning through Film

At Sundance, Seminary Students Explore Meaning through Film

Every year participants of the Windrider Forum, a group of seminary students and faculty members, have descended on the Sundance Film Festival, prepared to engage with questions and conversation.

Kutter Callaway teaches theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, and arranges the Sundance Film Festival trip for any interested students and faculty members.

“We are here to discuss issues that matter to us,” Callaway says.

The Windrider Forum was launched in 2005 at the Sundance Film Festival. The initiative was intended as “an immersive experience between filmmakers and film lovers designed to facilitate thoughtful conversation, awaken compassion, and inspire change,” according to the group’s website.

Will Stoller-Lee serves as executive director of the forum, as well as director of Fuller's Colorado Springs campus. This year, he says, the group has found many topics of interest throughout the festival.

“There were films we knew for sure that would have religious topics but there would be others that addressed broader issues of spirituality, justice or forgiveness,” he says. “So we knew there would be plenty of good content, but we were pleasantly surprised to see how many specifically dealt with religious faith. That's been true of every year we have been here and this year is no exception.”