Australia: Christians Experiencing Increased Attacks from Muslim Extremists

Australia: Christians Experiencing Increased Attacks from Muslim Extremists

Christians in Australia are facing increased persecution and are especially being targeted by Muslim gangs.

CBN News reports that recently, a Greek Orthodox Christian man was targeted for wearing a cross necklace.

A group of Muslims reportedly stopped the man and his girlfriend. They ripped the necklace from his neck and stomped on it. They then proceeded to inflict physical injury on the man, kicking and punching him.

When the man’s girlfriend tried to intervene, she was reportedly also punched and kicked by Muslim women who were part of the group.

The man reported afterward that his attackers were “Middle Eastern in appearance” and said they referred to “Allah" and blasphemed the name of Jesus.

The man also claimed that five railway transport officers witnessed the attack but did nothing to help. Train officials, however, maintained that their employees are not authorized to take action in the case of an assault.

Baptist Pastor George Capsis says this attack is cause for concern for Australian Christians. Capsis noted that this was the fourth such attack on Christians in Sydney in the past six months.

Christians have been cautioned against displaying Christians symbols, such as crucifixes, in areas dominated by Muslims in order to prevent further attacks.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/ViewPixel

Publication date: April 17, 2017