Baghdad: 70 Percent of Christian Homes Illegally Seized

Baghdad: 70 Percent of Christian Homes Illegally Seized

A new report claims that 70 percent of Christian-owned houses in Baghdad have been illegally seized. The seizure occurred after approximately one million Christians fled the city; while the homes were empty, title documents were falsified and homes were placed on the market. 

In an interview, Mohammed al-Rubai said, "These houses belonged to Christians who fled from Baghdad, seeking refuge from violent attacks targeting them and their homes.” 

He continued, “Many properties had been given illegally to other Iraqi citizens."

Now it is possible that original and new owners of houses can possess title documents, Christian Today reports.

Iraq’s judiciary is reportedly investigating the situation, but some members of the government are believed to be involved with the illegal trade. 

In a statement, the Supreme Judicial Council said, "All properties that were confiscated, seized, or had their ownership transferred or appropriated on ethnic, religious, or sectarian grounds, or those seized without remuneration, will be investigated. The offenders will be held accountable and the victims will be given justice."

Publication date: June 11, 2015