Baghdad: ISIS Attack Leaves 23 Dead

Baghdad: ISIS Attack Leaves 23 Dead

Twenty-three people were killed and 39 injured in two terrorists attacks in Baghdad on Sunday. 

ISIS has taken responsibility for both attacks. 

The Christian Post reports that the first attack occurred when a suicide bomber targeted a security checkpoint in the Kadhimiyah area in northwest Baghdad. Twenty-one people were killed in this attack and 35 were injured.

The second attack took place in eastern Baghdad in the area of al-Obeidi when an improvised explosive device killed at least two people.

"This evening, an improvised explosive device exploded near shops at al-Obeidi … killing two persons and wounding four others," a source from Iraq's interior ministry was quoted as saying.

ISIS is said to be losing power despite the increased attacks, such as these recent ones, as well as the deadly attack earlier this month that killed nearly 300 people. Iraq’s defense minister Khaleid al-Obeidi said that ISIS now controls less than 10 percent of the country’s territory.

Some experts believe ISIS has increased their attacks because they fear their loss of territory.

Despite U.S. airstrikes, however, ISIS is estimated to have 18-22,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq.

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Publication date: July 25, 2016