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Baptist Church Sign Proclaims ‘Allah is Not Our God’

Baptist Church Sign Proclaims ‘Allah is Not Our God’

A Baptist church sign which proclaims “Allah is not our God” is drawing criticism from local residents of Hood River, Oregon. reports that, in addition to saying “Allah is not our God,” the sign says “Wake up Christians,” “Muhammad not greater than Jesus” and “Only the Bible is God’s Word. Koran is just another book.”

Michael Harrington, the 74-year-old pastor of the small Baptist church, is responsible for the sign which has caused contention in Hood River.

"I literally had to stop and back up and make sure I saw what I saw, and I was profoundly offended and upset by it," said Eric Cohn who said he biked past the sign.

Mayor of Hood River Paul Blackburn said the sign made him “really annoyed and sad.”

"I am annoyed that in this political season there's a solid case of ugly going on. I think it norms up this kind of behavior like 'oh it's okay to be a bigot now,'" he added

Harrington, however, defends the sign’s message, despite the criticism he has received.

“I'm not politically correct. I've never been politically correct, but I think I'm biblically correct, and that's what matters to me," he said. "It isn't against any particular denomination. It's just the fact that I have taught and will continue to teach that I have one God, one way of salvation and one Bible that's holy," he added.

Publication date: June 9, 2016