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Ben Carson: Abortion Equal to Human Sacrifice

Ben Carson: Abortion Equal to Human Sacrifice

Famed neurosurgeon turned conservative commentator Dr. Ben Carson has spoken out against abortion, comparing the act to human sacrifice.

In an interview with DoveTV, Carson said that Americans have no room to call ancient civilizations "heathen" because aborting babies makes us "guilty of the same thing." 

Carson wrote on his website, "As someone who has spent a lifetime trying to save the lives of children, even with intrauterine surgery, it is probably not difficult to imagine why I am extremely oriented toward efforts to preserve human life, especially innocent human life that has yet to experience the extrauterine world."

Carson was criticized last month for supporting Republican Monica Wehby, a U.S. Senate candidate who represents a pro-choice position. He justifies that support, explaining that Wehby is personally pro-life, but must politically represent a pro-choice stance to reflect her constituents. 
"I called her to query her about her stance on this issue. She stated that personally, she is very pro-life, but she feels the government has no business interfering with the relationship between the mother, the baby, the doctor and God," he wrote. "I feel differently, because if abolitionist had taken a similar hands-off approach, I might not have been free to write this column."
"Given this pro-life propensity, one might ask, how could I endorse someone who is pro-choice? The answer is this: I'm not an ideologue who determines a person's worthiness with a litmus test. I have known Dr. Wehby as a friend and colleague for many years, and she is extremely intelligent and knows how to make decisions based on evidence versus ideology."
Publication date: July 2, 2014