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Ben Carson Proposes Tax Plan Based on Biblical Tithing

Ben Carson Proposes Tax Plan Based on Biblical Tithing

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has proposed a new tax plan that is inspired by biblical tithing. According to Carson’s plan, taxpayers would pay 10 percent of their earnings to the government. 

"You make $10 billion a year, you pay a billion; you make $10 year, you pay one. That's pretty damn fair if you ask me," Carson explained. 

The Republican candidate told Fox News Sunday that the flat percentage tax is based on tithing in the Bible. 

"I like the idea of a proportional tax - that way you pay according to your ability. I got that idea quite frankly from the Bible,” he said. 

Christian Today reports critics said Carson’s plan would hurt the poor because they would be able to pay. The doctor-turned politician said that it was condescending to make such an assumption. 

"Poor people have pride, too, and they don't want to be just taken care of,” he said. 

Publication date: May 11, 2015