Bible Saves Bus Driver from Gunshots

Bible Saves Bus Driver from Gunshots

In Psalm 119:25, the writer begs God to “preserve my life according to your Word.” And for an Ohio bus driver, this psalm just took on a whole new meaning after he was shot twice in the chest by three teenage attackers.

Seasoned driver Ricky Wagoner experienced electrical problems on the morning of Monday, February 24. After pulling his bus over to check the problem, Wagoner says the three teens attacked him. explains what happened next:

“According to reports, three gunshots were fired at Wagoner. Two were aimed at his chest, and a third struck his leg. Wagoner attempted to wrestle the pistol from one of the teens after being shot in the chest, but the gun went off during the altercation. A second teen then stabbed him in the arm with a knife while a third kicked and punched him.”

Wagoner fought the teens off with a pen he carried for self-defense. After the trio fled, he realized that his chest hurt but that the Bible he carried had kept him alive:

“Dayton police agreed that the Bible was instrumental in stopping the bullets and that God was looking out for Wagoner.

“ ‘The two bullets were stopped by the New Testament book in his chest pocket,” Sgt. Michael Pauley told reporters. ‘There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here.’ ”

Wagoner was admitted to the hospital for his injuries, and as of this writing, police have not yet located the suspects.