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Ministry Providing Bibles for Inmates This Christmas

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  • Updated Dec 20, 2012
Ministry Providing Bibles for Inmates This Christmas

December 15, 2011

Bible resource provider Biblica has a special Bible just for prison inmates this Christmas, Mission Network News reports. The Bible, called Free on the Inside, is a full Bible "with stories of redemption from other people who have spent time in prison for whatever reason," said Biblica CEO Doug Lockhart. He said the Bibles were especially recommended for people in prison ministry: "If they're interfacing with inmates, they're able to highlight one of the stories, and maybe it becomes a conversation piece that very naturally takes them into God's word. ... That [inmates] end up in God's word -- that is certainly the end goal." This fiscal year, Biblica will distribute copies of the Bible to 123,000 inmates across America; the organization also has the option for anyone to donate a case of 24 Bibles for $84. About two-thirds of ex-convicts return to jail within three years, but research shows inmates who accept Christ are 50 percent less likely to be repeat offenders.