‘Biblical Scholar’ Says Jesus a Made-Up Myth

‘Biblical Scholar’ Says Jesus a Made-Up Myth

The author of “No Meek Messiah” has announced that he believes that Jesus never existed.

Paulkovich says that 126 authors from Jesus’ time should have, but “did not record anything about the Christian godman.”

However, in a column by Candida Moss and Joel Baden at the Daily Beast, the writers said that “there is a nigh universal consensus among biblical scholars—the authentic ones, anyway—that Jesus was, in fact, a real guy.”

Paulkovich’s list of 126 writers includes philosophers, mathematicians, satirists and poets. Some were even doctors, the Daily Beast writers said.

“The answer is very simple: in his own day Jesus wasn’t that important. He was just another wannabe messiah who ended up on the wrong side of the authorities. The prime candidate for “Son of God” in the Roman world was the emperor himself, who had coins, statues, and temples to back those claims up. Jesus had a small band of followers and a lot of stories about sheep.”

Paulkovich’s assertion isn’t the first. In 1909, John Remsburgcreated a list of 41 authors who never mention Jesus. 

Publication Date: October 6, 2014