Billboard with Atheist Message Stirs up Controversy

Billboard with Atheist Message Stirs up Controversy

A billboard erected in Colorado Springs by the atheist group Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has been drawing controversy.

According to The Christian Post, the billboard was erected in Colorado Springs, near the U.S. Air Force Academy. It reads, “Welcome Mr. President to our AF Academy. Why is Jesus Commander in Chief Here?”

The MRFF, headed by Mikey Weinstein, a graduate of the AF Academy, was strategically put up just before President Obama’s visit to Colorado Springs on June 2. Weinstein hopes that the billboard will help to address what he views as the Christian bias in the AF Academy.

"We want people to be judged on their value, talent, patriotism and their character, not whether they accept Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior. When it comes to separating church and state, the Air Force Academy shows overt favoritism to one version of Christianity," Weinstein argued.

"The United States Air Force Academy's adhering to the constitutionally guaranteed right of separation of church and state in the U.S. military is a train wreck," he continued.

Some Colorado Springs, residents, however, are not convinced that the billboard and its message is appropriate.

"Comedy and sarcasm is always a good way to get attention, but this is a little much. I think it raises a lot more questions than answers," said Kate Harris, who works close to the new billboard.

The billboard will be displayed between May 23- June 5. In addition, a 15-second TV advertisement of the billboard is scheduled to run 1,322 times from May 27-June 2 on major TV stations.

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Publication date: May 27, 2016