Billy Graham Offers Advice for Reaching Atheists with Gospel

Billy Graham Offers Advice for Reaching Atheists with Gospel

The Rev. Billy Graham offered biblical advice for reaching atheist family members in response to a question from a reader, reports.

The question and Graham’s answer appeared in the Kansas City Star, where Graham often pens a column.

“I read an article the other day about a woman who had been a committed atheist, and somehow she became a Christian. But I have some friends who are atheists, and I can’t imagine any of them ever believing in God or becoming Christians. Could they ever change?” read the question.

Graham responded by asserting that yes, anything is possible with God.

“Yes, they certainly could change, through God's intervention; it happens all the time,” wrote Graham. “I think, for example, of the countless people who grew up as convinced atheists in Communist Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union, but are now sincere believers in God and are committed followers of Jesus Christ.”

Graham acknowledged that atheists put up many barriers to God in their hearts, but nevertheless, the Spirit of the Lord is stronger.

“God made us for Himself, and when we leave him out of our lives an empty place is left in our hearts, and ultimately our lives are meaningless and without hope. Only God can fill that empty place and give us hope for the future, as former atheists today are discovering.”

“Pray for your friends who claim to be atheists and don't want anything to do with God,” Graham concluded. “Remember: God can do what we never can do, including changing someone's heart and mind. In addition, make sure of your own commitment to Jesus Christ, and then ask Him to help you be an example of Christ's love and purity to your friends.”

Publication date: July 8, 2016