Bob Jones University Elects New President

Bob Jones University Elects New President

Bob Jones University President Dr. Stephen Jones will be stepping down from his leadership role at the end of graduation on May 9. But the Board of Trustees has named a new university president to fill the position. Stephen D. Pettit, Sr. will serve as the fifth President of BJU.

The university’s website says that the search for the new president took several months, but they are certain Pettit, Sr. will fit into the role well with his experience working with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association.

“I’m overwhelmed by the opportunity to serve as BJU’s president,” says Pettit.

“For decades, I’ve appreciated the ministry of BJU and the Jones family to me and my family. I truly desire to honor BJU’s heritage and continue—by God’s grace—to fulfill its mission. I particularly want to emphasize the primacy of the local church, encourage relational discipleship among our students, faculty and staff and continue the emphasis on academic excellence and living a godly life.”

The new president said that he had never planned to serve as BJU President “But the Lord opened the door. My wife and I believe that God has called us to BJU, and we will be obedient to his call.”

Pettit, Sr. will assume the post on May 10.



Publication date: May 9, 2014