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Boko Haram May Release Kidnapped Girls with New Agreement

Boko Haram May Release Kidnapped Girls with New Agreement

The Nigerian government has been in negotiations with militant group Boko Haram in pursuit of releasing over 200 kidnapped girls from captivity.

Boko Haram released a video last week demanding that the Nigerian government release their most high-profile members from prison in exchange for the schoolgirls. The group is now offering a different bargain: the release of their family members held by the government for the freedom of the girls.

The group has also asked for the release of some lower-profile members from prison reports Christian Today.

An unnamed source said that negotiations between the government and the militants are gaining ground and “an agreement was reached about two or three days ago in principle to start releasing some prisoners.”

According to the source, some of the girls could come home as early as this week. Boko Haram would release the girls gradually, taking “small groups” at a time to be picked up by authorities and return to their families.


Publication date: May 19, 2014