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British Schools Face Islamic Indoctrination

British Schools Face Islamic Indoctrination

A former antiterrorism chief in the United Kingdom has released a report warning of a deliberate effort to indoctrinate British schools with an Islamic worldview.  

According to The New York Times, “First there was an anonymous letter outlining an Islamic takeover of British schools in Muslim neighborhoods ominously called Operation Trojan Horse. Then the letter was found to be riddled with inaccuracies and widely deemed to be a hoax.”

Commissioned by the former education secretary Michael Gove, Peter Clarke, the former head of Metropolitan police's counterterrorism command, is the author of the report. Clarke claims there is alarming evidence that Birmingham schools have been the target of Islamists.

Islamic leaders in England have leveraged their influence by getting elected to school boards.

The report uncovered a social media group, called the “Park View Brotherhood,” used by staff members of Park View Academy to discuss Islamic ideals like segregated classes as well as anti American and Israel rhetoric.

Clarke maintains that education officials have ignored the situation.

"There was never a serious attempt to see if there was a pattern to what was happening in school governing bodies,” Clarke told The Guardian. “The council's approach has been variously described to me as appeasement and a failure in their duty of care towards their employees."

While Clarke contends his research didn’t find terrorism, it did discover "very clear evidence that young people are being encouraged to accept unquestionably a particular hardline strand of Sunni Islam that raises concerns about their vulnerability to radicalization in the future.”

Publication Date: July 24, 2014.