British Woman Shares Horrific Ordeal of Gender-Selective Abortion

British Woman Shares Horrific Ordeal of Gender-Selective Abortion

A British woman of Pakistani parentage has stepped forward to share her experience with gender-selective abortion.

Samira, whose name was changed to protect her identity, shared her ordeal with The Independent’s newspaper. The publication ran a series of articles that exposed the growing scandal of Britain’s lost girls – “the female fetuses aborted because they were the ‘wrong’ sex.”

Following an ultrasound, Samira’s husband pressured her to have an abortion when the test revealed the baby was a girl -- which is illegal in the UK.

The newspaper reports Samira has undergone two gender-selective abortions. 

“I just wanted them to stop,” Samira told The Independent. “I just wanted to run away from there, but the thing was, where would I run away to? What would I do? The last day before I had the abortion I said to him [Samira’s husband] very clearly that what he was doing was wrong.”

Abortion rights groups denounced the investigative report claiming such practices were “nonsense."

According to The Independent, Samira is pregnant again and about to have an ultrasound scan.

“Since falling pregnant, I think about it all the time. What’s going to happen? I’m really, really scared. I’m stressed out and I’m having nightmares about bleeding and being beaten up,” Samira said. “I think about running away with her and having the baby somewhere, but the thing is I can’t leave my children with him… I have my duty to my other children. I can’t leave them for someone who is not born. I don’t want it to happen.”

Mike Schouten, Campaign Director for We Need a Law, a Canadian pro-life group, told that problem isn’t unique to the UK.

“Samira is a courageous woman who decided to tell her story. Unfortunately, there are many more women faced with similar choices. This is not a problem isolated to the United Kingdom or any one country. Gendercide is a global problem and it’s time for governments to recognize their responsibility in restraining this immoral activity in the countries they lead,” he said.