Canadian Christian Couple Detained in China

Canadian Christian Couple Detained in China

A Canadian pastor and his wife have been detained in China under accusations of theft of intelligence. Specifically, Kevin and Julia Dawn Garratt are suspected of “collecting and stealing intelligence materials related to Chinese military targets and important Chinese national defence scientific research programmes, and engaging in activities that endanger China's national security."

The couple have lived in China since 184 when Kevin Garratt felt a call to move to China and minister through “love and practical assistance.” 

"God said: 'Go to Dandong and I will meet you there.' And he said: 'Start a coffee house'...We're China based, we're North Korea focussed, but we're Jesus centred," Garratt said in a message at a British Columbia church last year.

Kevin and Julia Dawn Garratt were arrested in the border city of Dandong; their three adult children were not told where the couple would be going. 

Simeon Garratt, oldest son of Kevin and Julia Dawn said that the allegations are false and their Christian faith and close proximity to the missionary community are likely the cause of the arrest. 

"It's never been a secret that they've been Christian. There's nothing that has happened in the last week or so that would have changed the situation," he said.

Publication date: August 6, 2014