Candace Cameron Bure Reminds Students that Kindness Is an Important Way to Represent Christ

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Jan 21, 2019
Candace Cameron Bure Reminds Students that Kindness Is an Important Way to Represent Christ

Candace Cameron Bure sat down with Liberty University students on Wednesday to talk about how being kind is a great way for Christians to represent Jesus.

According to the Christian Post, in an interview at Liberty University, the Fuller House actress who is an outspoken Christian shared her experience on the popular daytime talk show The View with the students. 

She said of her time on The View, “My whole goal for that show was to be kind and respectful and truly represent Christ in my speech.” 

Bure noted that she has never known someone to change their minds after someone has beaten them down with their speech, so when she was on The View, she wanted to approach difficult conversations with compassion and by listening.

Bure went on to talk about a passage in Titus she had been reading and that reminded her that her character is how she represents Christ. She said, “When Paul was talking to Titus, he talks about having sound teaching and what I found interesting is that after he said, ‘make sure you are of sound teaching,’ he didn’t go into theology, he went into character.”

She continued, “Make sure that you are loving, that you are kind, that you don’t get into quarrels, that you’re not bickering.”

“That’s what the world sees in us as Christians, is our character. We can recite whatever Bible verses we want, we can say whatever we want, but if they don’t see us walking the walk and our dialogue is [not] being respectful then we are not representing Christ,” she added. 

In the interview, Bure also talked about her journey to finding Christ. Bure shared that she was first introduced to Christ when she was 12-years-old, but it wasn’t until she had kids that she really began to dive into her faith. She said having kids “really changed” her perspective. When Bure stopped working on the popular 90s sitcom Full House and began to settle down with a family, she said she had a hard time adjusting. She also said, however, that that was the time in her life when her relationship with God flourished. She said, “It was the time in my life that I grew immensely in my relationship with Jesus because I really needed to find out who I was and not be only identified as an actress.”

She went on to add, “I had always thought I was such a good person, I never truly understood why I needed Jesus… so when the gospel message was presented to me in a way that held my goodness up against the law of God’s goodness, I saw for the first time that I didn’t even come close to what God considers goodness.”

The interview ended by Bure being asked how the people at Liberty University, a large Christian College, could pray for her. Bure said, “I want to grow.  I don’t feel like I grew spiritually in 2018… so, you see me just pray so I can continue to preach the gospel and point more people to Jesus.”  

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Video courtesy: Liberty University