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Candace Cameron Bure Shares How She Stayed Sane in Hollywood

Candace Cameron Bure Shares How She Stayed Sane in Hollywood

Actress Candace Cameron Bure says she is unafraid to show her Christian faith in Hollywood. The actress, known best for playing DJ in “Full House,” has never tried to hide her faith in the entertainment industry. 

Bure said, "For me, my faith is who I am, and I carry that with me whenever I go. I don't think of it in terms of 'I have to live it out, or act this way or that.' I'm just myself."

Charisma News reports Bure released a new book, “Dancing Through Life,” earlier this month. The book chronicles her time on the show “Dancing with the Stars” and draws parallels between dancing on the show and faith. 

Bure’s partner Mark Ballas asked the actress to give 100 percent all the time, even during rehearsals. For an actress who was used to giving 100 percent only when the camera was filming, the request proved a challenge. 

Bure said, "I thought 'Wow, isn't that like our Christian walk?’ It's so easy to say, 'God, I'm giving you 50-80 percent,' and that's pretty good. But the Bible says God wants all of you, 100 percent of the time—the good stuff, bad stuff too. He's connected to all of you. (There's) no part of your life to leave Me out of."

Publication date: July 30, 2015