Catholic Church Welcomes 2 New Saints

Catholic Church Welcomes 2 New Saints

The Catholic Church welcomed two new saints on Sunday in a ceremony that attracted thousands to St. Peter’s Square. Sunday’s ceremony was a monumental first time that two former Popes were canonised at once.

Former Popes John Paul II and John XXIII were announced new saints during the event Christian Today reported.

Some spectators camped in the squared overnight to ensure a place to watch the ceremony.

Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI presided over the event.

“In these two men, who looked upon the wounds of Christ and bore witness to his mercy, there dwelt a living hope and an indescribable and glorious joy. The hope and the joy which the risen Christ bestows on his disciples, the hope and they joy which nothing and no one can take from them,” Pope Francis said in a speech.

Prior to the official canonisation, John Paul II was credited with the performance of two miracles. John XXIII was credited with performing one miracle but Pope Francis waved the necessary second miracle to enter sainthood.


Publication date: April 28, 2014