'Charlie Charlie' Challenge has Youth Attempting to Summon Demon

'Charlie Charlie' Challenge has Youth Attempting to Summon Demon

Teenagers across the country are participating in the “Charlie Charlie hallenge,” a Ouija board-like game that attempts to summon a Mexican demon. Christian News Network reports thousands of teens have taken the challenge and posted videos online. 

The Charlie Charlie challenge involves placing one pencil on top of another in the form of a cross. A paper with “yes” and “no” is placed beneath the pencils. Challenge takers then say the words, “Charlie Charlie, are you there.” If the supposed demon is present, one of the pencils will spin to the word “yes.” 

Some participants reported strange things happening after doing the challenge, while others mocked the challenge using beer bottles or chicken wings. 

Time magazine reports the pencils move due to gravity. 

Darren Gallagher, of Ellel Ministries told Christian Today, “The fact that people’s intention is to contact the spiritual realm outside the blessings and parameters that God has set out could lead to them to connect with the evil spiritual realm. Therefore such things as Ouija boards are not just harmless fun, but could potentially be spiritually dangerous for those who take part in such things.”

Publication date: May 27, 2015