China: Abolishing the One-child, Pro-abortion Policy

China: Abolishing the One-child, Pro-abortion Policy

China is getting rid of its pro-abortion policy that only allows urban families to have one child and rural families to have two children.

According to Life News, the report comes from China’s official news service. The new policy allows two children per family.

The original policy was launched in 1980 and couples that did not comply with the order were sentenced to labor camps, house arrest, or their jobs or government support was pulled.

Life News reports that China aborts more than 13 million babies each year.

“In 1980 the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party sent an open letter to party members setting forth its plan to embark on a national one-child policy,” said Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey. “What came out of that letter? A cruel and inhumane policy, a human rights violation that is, in scope and seriousness, the worst human rights abuse in the world today. No other government policy anywhere else in the world systematically punishes, abuses, and violates women so grossly as this.”

The policy required women to obtain a birth permit before becoming pregnant and all women are monitored by “crudely invasive physical check-ups.”

“The brave pregnant woman who refuses to give in is usually detained and beaten – or, if she goes into hiding, her relatives are detained and beaten. Families that succeed in hiding an “out-of-plan” pregnancy are punished with fines up to ten times the average annual income,” Smith said.

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Publication date: October 29, 2015