China: Baby Trafficking Ring Leader Sentenced to Death

China: Baby Trafficking Ring Leader Sentenced to Death

The leader of a Chinese trafficking ring was sentenced to death Friday, according to Chinese reports.

The trafficking ring brought 23 boys and pregnant women from Vietnam into China. The babies were then sold for adoption.

Another 23 members of the group were also sentenced Friday. Sentences ranged from less than two years in prison to life, the Chinese News Agency Xinhua said.

A Vietnamese woman was among the 23 sentenced. She was expelled to Vietnam.

The trafficking ring was in operation in 2010 and 2011. Smugglers took the children and women on “out-of-the-way” roads to get to the southern Chinese city of Guangdong. The ring was discovered and closed in 2011 by police.

Police have broken up four baby smuggling rings, according to statements from February. Some 380 infants were rescue and more than 1,000 suspects taken into custody.


Publication date: May 16, 2014