China: Christian Man Arrested for Printing Devotionals

China: Christian Man Arrested for Printing Devotionals

A Christian man in China has been arrested and charged with printing religious materials. reports that Li Hongmin, a member of a house church in Guangzhou province, was arrested and brought to trial for printing the popular devotional “Streams in the Desert,” as well as other religious literature.

Authorities have accused Li of “illegal business operations.” His trial, however, was postponed.

His lawyers, Li Baiguang and Liu Peifu flew out to be there for the case, which they then found out was delayed.

Ma Ke, the leader of the house church Li attends, expressed the unfairness of the authorities arbitrarily changing the date of the trial:

"You government agents, you have to give yourself some credit, don't you? You already set a time, you can't just change it casually. It cost us a great deal to hire the lawyer and to book his flight tickets. You change the date however it suits you. You said the venue is going to be occupied, but how did you not know it wasn't available when you first scheduled the hearing?" Ma told Christian ministry China Aid.

Li’s wife also expressed her concerns over his arrest, saying that she feels helpless in the face of how events have already unfolded.


Publication date: October 25, 2016