China Demolishes Multi-Million Dollar Church

China Demolishes Multi-Million Dollar Church

A multi-million dollar church in the Chinese Zhejiang province is being demolished on government orders. Christian Today reports the Three Self Patriotic Movement church will be destroyed, despite the fact that the government previously sanctioned its existence. 

The church, located in the city of Wangling, will be permitted to locate elsewhere, but the government will only provide a $161,000 payout of compensation. 

A similar incident recently occurred in Wenzhou when a $5 million church was demolished only weeks after construction was completed on the building. 

The Chinese government has additionally removed more than 450 crosses from churches in the last 18 months in a brutal crackdown on Christianity. Some Christians have reportedly fought back against the cross removal campaign, replacing the crosses after officials take them down. 

Publication date: June 9, 2015