Chinese Christian Unite in 'Carry Crosses Everywhere' Campaign

Chinese Christian Unite in 'Carry Crosses Everywhere' Campaign

Christians across China has sparked a campaign to carry homemade crosses wherever they go. The “carry crosses everywhere” campaign is aimed as a demonstration against the country’s crackdown on Christianity. 

The Christian Post reports Christians have been affixing crosses to their homes and posting photos on social media that show the crosses in various locations. The campaign has gained popularity across the nation as a peaceful protest against the government. 

China began removing crosses from churches in early 2014. Authorities say the cross removal is due to safety concerns, but Christians say they are being targeted for their religion. 

Pastor Zheng Leguo of Zhejiang said in May, "The authorities have attached great importance to this religious symbol. This means no more prominent manifestation of Christianity in the public sphere."

Publication date: July 30, 2015