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Chinese Christians Detained

Chinese Christians Detained

This past weekend several Chinese Christians, including a Pastor and his relatives, were detained by officers in central China. Though details are still forthcoming, it appears local security forces implemented a scheme to gather up leaders from the Nanle County Christian Church and place them under arrest. A motive for the arrest is still unknown, as the church was part of the state-sanctioned system. According to,

“Church members and (Pastor) Zhang’s family members gathered in front of the police station to protest Zhang’s detainment. The group was denied entry to the building and some where beat, ‘causing Pastor Zhang’s old age parents’ hospitalization for high blood pressure’ church members said. Zhang’s two sisters were detained during the protest.”

The location of the detainees is still unknown. However, church members remain fearful for the prisoner’s safety. The Nanle County Christian Church is currently under guard by government officials who are refusing to allow members entry. 

*This article posted 11/22/2013